Port Container Scanners [Trinidad and Tobago]

Customs and Excise officers are now better equipped to verify contents in containers on the Port at Point Lisas and Port of Spain. Source: Ctv.

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Want help to qualify for Duty Free Concessions? [Trinidad and Tobago]

If your company is interested in doing business in Trinidad and Tobago under terms of Duty Free Concessions, Import License and Special Permits; even Free-Zone trade, then GCM consultant, Susan Reginald can help you get going in the quickest time possible.

Our firm relationship of integrity and excellence with Trinidad and Tobago’s Customs and Excise Division / Agency and detailed knowledge and expertise in regulation laws and requirements, assure that we can satisfy all your requirements. GCM can quickly establish import / export, duty free concession and free-zone trade and commerce licenses and permits, completely hassle free and in timely manner to reduce costs.

GCM can also prepare procedures manuals and train your key members of staff to maximise the established export / import and duty free business status and properly maintain all regulatory and compliance requirements.

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